Architectural Design Manual

The Architectural Design Manual is issued not only to ensure adherence to the WBHOA’s established building regulations, but also to ensure conformity with the various authorities, who, in approving the development of Westford Bridge, which is in a “nature area”, made very material concessions.One of the more significant concessions was the granting of an increase in permissible house size from the standard 175m2 which is the rule for such an area.However such concessions come at a price which includes the need to minimise intrusiveness of the larger houses  by  restricting  roof  pitch  heights,  maximum  allowable  building platforms and conformity to strict design forms and standards, as well as guaranteeing the continued conservation of local flora and fauna.

In the light of the above and after considerable negotiation, a well thought out set of rules and building guidelines was approved as a condition of the establishment of the township by the authorities, which determines all development on the estate. When setting out to build on Westford Bridge it is essential that one takes time to study the Architectural Design Manual and the relevant procedures to adopt, even before drafting the initial “concept design”. By doing so one will save an enormous amount of time and frustration. All owners are encouraged to embrace the Architectural Design Manual in the spirit in which it is drafted, as, by doing so, we ensure the adherence to a set of standards that will optimise our mutual investment in both real estate and unique lifestyle. Please follow the procedures set out in clause 17 carefully and ensure that contact is made with the project architect at the earliest possible stage of your planning and design. To contact the Project Architect

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