Building code of conduct

Before the construction phase can begin a Green Contract needs to be signed and a deposit paid to the WBHOA. The purpose of the deposit is to provide for the rectification of any damage caused to the estate’s infrastructure during the building phase, including but not limited to, roads, verges, security gates, services etc. The amount is held in escrow by the WBHOA until all work on the project has been completed and the site has been inspected by the WBHOA, after which the deposit will be returned, less costs that have been incurred, if any.

As Westford Bridge is a residential estate, with due regard for resident home owners and their guests, it is necessary to lay down the rules pertaining to the behaviour and modus operandi of all contractors and their personnel during the time that they are on-site or within the confines of the estate. It is mandatory that all conditions contained in the Green Contract are strictly complied with, failing which the owner could attract a fine(s), as identified therein.

GREEN CONTRACT to view and/or download