Westford Bridge is a unique development as it operates as it’s own micro-municipality with it’s own water supply, power reticulation and sewage treatment plant. Because of this, home owners enjoy the independence of determining their own destiny, which has facilitated the installation of a modern and efficient services infrastructure.


The Estate’s three boreholes provide residents with some of the finest quality water available. This reliable source provides high-quality and great tasting water, ensuring a healthy and near chemical free supply of this very precious commodity. Water from the boreholes is pumped to the treatment plant where it is infused with ozone before being pumped to four storage reservoirs which hold sufficient reserve capacity to last up to 7 days of normal usage. A flocculation plant stands at the ready should the water need clarifying, an occasional requirement after extremely heavy rainfall. Quality control is kept to the highest standard and monthly samples are taken for analysis by an independent Laboratory. The most current monthly report is available under the section on News & Views. Water is metered per household so residents pay according to their individual consumption.


Westford Bridge boasts a state of the art sewage treatment plant which conforms to the very highest standards in waste management, ensuring the protection of the precious environment in which we live . The system is subjected to the most stringent monitoring processes and the treated waste water is analysed on a monthly basis by an independent laboratory.


Power to Westford Bridge is supplied in bulk by Eskom. This is distributed to properties via a “ringed” reticulation system, which ensures power delivery even in the event of a break in the supply cable network.
All properties are individually metered and residents pay according to their consumption. The estate operates on a Time-of-Use (TOU) billing system in order to ensure an even demand on the supply. If used judiciously one can enjoy significant savings on one’s electricity bill.


To ensure continuity of operation in the event of a power outage a powerful back-up generator has been installed at the sewage plant. Mobile generators are also available on demand for each of the boreholes and sewage pump stations.


As no boats are permitted in the residential area of the estate a boat storage yard is provided which is available to all residents. The boatyard is secured by means of palisade fencing and double security gates with convenient vehicle access to the main road.


The Estate is enclosed by palisade security fencing and all entrances have keypad/remote operated gates. A local security firm is contracted to provide an armed response service to all residents with a vehicle stationed in the close neighborhood. They also conduct random checks of the Estate on a nightly basis.