Planning to build

Congratulations on your decision to build at Westford Bridge, we look forward to welcoming you to our lovely estate. As most of us know, building a house can be a lot of fun and to ensure the process progresses smoothly we would like to bring to your attention some important information that will assist you in your planning and subsequent building experience. As you know Westford Bridge is a residential estate, located in a private nature reserve, with a set of design criteria that is mandatory.

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN MANUAL (ADM) –  We advise that you and your architect study the design manual as a starting point, so that you don’t waste time and money planning something that does not comply with the criteria. Should you require clarification on a related matter you can contact the PROJECT ARCHITECT

Pay particular heed to the suggestion that final drawings should not be considered before submitting a “concept drawing” of the intended plan for scrutiny by the Project Architect, to ensure that all is on track before the final design work takes place. To assist in ensuring that the proper processes are followed throughout the project a PROJECT CHECK LIST has been included which, if followed, will ensure a smooth and efficient building experience, with minimal delay. Please note that when submitting plans for review a completed ARCHITECTURAL SPECIFICATIONS must be included.

A brief summary of the more important issues, particularly during the construction phase, are included in a handy brochure, BUILDING GUIDELINES, which is intended as a guide for the foreman on site.

Please note that a “Plan Scrutiny Fee” is payable at time of submission of final drawings, and that a “Building Deposit” is to be lodged before any construction activity can take place. Details of this are included in the relevant sections, as well as the document BUILDING CODE OF CONDUCT. We wish you a happy building experience.